Types of Damp Proofing

We at SA Professional Waterproofing also specialise in damp proofing for residences or businesses. With professional damp proofers on our qualified team and we operate in and around the Gauteng area. We will come out to your home and assess the problem and give you a solution to your problem at a reasonable rate. All our work is has a 10-year warwarrantylution.

We also offer other services such as painting and renovations.

Anyone who cares about their property, home or business knows how annoying dampness can be. Dampness is usually caused by neglecting regular maintenance, you may see the signs of dampness but you choose to ignore it and just hope it goes away but it just gets worse and worse.

Dampness can also be caused by the following…

  • Damaged gutters that leak or overflowing drain pipes due to blocking.
  • Badly fitted windows.
  • Earth, sand or soil that is piled up next to your house could let water seep in.
  • Condensation from rooms in your house like in your bathroom that may not have adequate ventilation.
  • Damaged roof or missing roof tiles.


Signs of dampness in your house…

  • Cracking or peeling wallpaper near the floor.
  • Dark or yellow stains on your walls or roof.
  • Water dripping from bathroom and kitchen ceiling or walls.
  • Wet windows.
  • Damp outside walls.
  • Ring marks in the ceilings.
  • Mould in the corners of a room.


Three main types of target…


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