Rising Damp

This is when water from the ground level rises up through the fine cracks of the brick works of the walls from the ground. Usually found in the first few meters of the wall. This happens mostly with old buildings, buildings with damp proofing that hasn’t been done properly or buildings that had damp proofing or waterproofing done but years ago. It can also be caused by leaking water or drainage pipes at the base of the wall or if a balcony is built above the damp proofing or waterproofing. But rising dampness can affect any property whether it has been waterproofed or not.

Rising Damp Signs

  • Discoloured patches on the bottom of the walls unless very bad and it will spread up the entire wall.
  • The walls will develop some cracks and the paint will bubble.
  • You can see salt on the bricks.
  • Rotting skirting boards or if your floor is wooden then that will begin to rot as well.


Rising Damp Treatment

  • First remove the affected plaster by scraping/ chopping out, up to the brick level.
  • The we inject Chemical DPC.
  • Then we apply super barrier (which acts as a water repellent / barrier) against water penetration.
  • We plaster the walls with a mixture of super barrier, salt neutralizer, and cement and plaster sand.


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