Lateral Damp

Lateral Damp occurs when the level of the ground varies from the outside and the inside.  The level outside would be higher than the inside there for allowing the moisture to seep from the soil and allowing it to seep into the wall and causing damage to the inside wall. This will also occur if your home or business has a basement and there hasn’t been proper waterproofing. Also common in town house complexes, this kind of damp also occurs when there is running or flowing water along a wall so for instance a leaking gutter or drain pipe or leaking pipes where water is dripping out onto a wall.

Lateral Damp Signs

  • The wall develops little cracks.
  • Paint will start bubbling or flaking.
  • There will also be a presence of salts on the wall.


Lateral Damp-Proofing Treatment

  • Removing all the affected plaster.
  • Application of a damp proofing seal to the affected area will be applied.
  • Once treated a new coat of plastering and paint can be applied.


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