Balcony Waterproofing

Are you planning on renovating your home by adding on a balcony to your house?

Your balcony that you have built will probably have been done with concrete. If your balcony isn’t properly waterproofed it will erode and eventually crack making it weak and unsafe. All concrete balconies need to be waterproofed properly. Also if your balcony isn’t properly waterproofed you could be letting damp into your house and this will cause unsightly marks on your walls, cause the paint to bubble and wall paper to peel off. This can also weaken your homes structure as well and decrease the value of your home.

A balcony needs to be properly waterproofed before you lay tiles down or install windows. These are high risk water penetrating areas. Once the tiles have been laid and the windows installed they need to be sealed with a silicone water repellent solution and this will help in the prevention of water penetrating the tiles. This can become a complicated and messy process if not done by the right people. So why not let the professionals do it for you and give us a call. We will give you an exact quote before and all our work is guaranteed.

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